essuman MUSTAPHA
コーチ - 背番号21
出身 アクラ(ガーナ)
身長/体重180 / 75
I was born in Accra, a town called Bubuashie in 1983/11/28. Accra is a big town with 2m population o. I have 9 siblings, 4 older brothers, 1 older sister and 3 younger brothers with my parents. I was 2 years old when my parents relocated from Bubuashie to another town called Dansoman because Dansoman house was built by my father and Bubuashie was a rented house. Dansoman was a large town with more sports activities like soccer, boxing, basketball.e.c.t. I started my elementary school at Dansoman at the age of 3 years because when my brothers go to school, my parents must go work so it was difficult for my mother to make me start school very early.

When elementary school started I started to play soccer at school. Because in my town there are a lot of soccer teams, so I had an interest in playing soccer. I joined a junior soccer team in the town called Noble Aris FC for U12. I was promoted to U14 within a year. I was promoted to U17 due to my performance and hardworking, with that I got a scholarship at my elementary school without paying fees. After elementary school I had a good grade and with soccer I got another scholarship to my senior high school. 

ダンソマンにはたくさんのサッカーチームがあったので、幼少期から自然とサッカーに興味を持つようになっていました。小学校に入学するとNoble Aris FC U-12というサッカーチームに入団しました。頑張って練習した成果もあって、1年でU-14のチームに昇格することができました。その後は小学生ながら飛び級でU-17のチームに入ることができました。その結果、通っていた小学校から奨学金をいただくことができました。小学校ではサッカーに加えて成績も良かったので、進学先の中学校でも奨学金をもらうことができました。
Soccer becomes part of me in everything I do, because I realize through soccer, I had scholarship 2 times so I tried to work hard with academics and soccer because I wanted to become a soccer professional player. My first year in high school I joined the school soccer team. We couldn’t win any title in that year but in my second year at high school I became the captain.We won 3 school competitions. At my third year my school was part of all Ghana interschools competition and won. That gave me an opportunity to be selected to the Ghana national academical’s team for the nation and I was chosen to be the captain for the team.

When I was chosen to the Ghana academicals team for the nation, we were part of the all African tournament which we became second position. Right from the tournament I joined a Ghana professional soccer team called Liberty Pros. At that time there were some high profile people like Michael Essien, Asamoah Gyan, Sully Muntari e.c.t, which is like a J1 in Japan. In period at Liberty Pros, I got the opportunity to play for Ghana U23 national team and the senior national team as well. After some years in Ghana soccer, I had an offer from a team in Vietnam called Khatoco Khan Hoa FC and Cantho FC for 8 years. 
I came back to Ghana to play for the biggest team called Accra Hearts of Oat, same as J1 for a year. Then I got another offer to Zambian, same as J1 called Buildcon FC and Nkana FC for 2 years. After that I came to Japan to Join Ococias Kyoto AC.  I got Ococias offer was by a Japanese coach called Kenichi Yastsuhashi who coached me when I went back to Ghana to player for Accra Hearts of Oaks. He was the coach at that time. We became very close due to my hard work, so he contacted me when I was in Zambia playing for Nkana FC. He wanted me to come to Japan to play soccer with Ococias. After I had a talk with him, Sports X negotiated my contract with Ococias. After my contract with Nkana FC I left for Japan to join Ococias Kyoto AC.

ガーナの世代別代表として出場したアフリカ大会では準優勝することができました。その活躍が認められて、イングランドプレミアリーグのチェルシーなどでも活躍したマイケル・エッシェン選手やガーナ代表の最多得点記録保持者のアサモア・ギャン選手なども所属していたガーナプレミアリーグ(日本でいうJ1)のLiberty Prosと契約することができました。入団後も持ち前のハードワークでチームの勝利に貢献し、ガーナU-23の代表に加え、ガーナのA代表にも選出してもらうことができました。6年間ガーナでプレーした後、ベトナムのカントンFCというチームからオファーをいただき、8年間ベトナムでプレーしました。その後、ガーナに戻り、ガーナプレミアリーグのAccra Hearts of Oaksというチームで1年間プレーしました。翌年にはザンビアのチームに移籍をし2年間プレーをしたのち、2019年に日本に来て、関西1部リーグのおこしやす京都ACに加入しました。Accra Hearts of Oaks時代にコーチとして指導していただいていた日本人の八橋健一さんに関西リーグのおこしやす京都ACをご紹介いただき、来日することを決めました。来日前にはおこしやす京都ACを運営するスポーツX (株)と契約の交渉を進め正式に入団が決まりました。
I’m working as an International Technical Adviser for Ghana/Japan project at Sports X and coach/players at Michinoku Sendai FC. Because I want to promote our team to J league with you all and become a good coach in Japan as well. Let's support together and help the team achieve its aim to J league. Also I’m doing my best to speak Japanese by learning with Textbooks like Nihongo Fun and Easy, and also watching anime movies like Captain Tsubasa to improve my speaking.

My hobby is Playing Tennis. 
Specialize in Tennis, I love playing tennis in my free time with friends because when I was young I watched  Roger Federer the Swiss tennis player and Refael Nadal the Spanish tennis player when they met at the Wembley tennis tournament finals. How touch their game become made me interested in playing tennis. So anyone who’s also interested in playing tennis should invite me one day for a competition.  

My goal for this season is to help Michinoku Sendai team to move up to Tohoku Division 1 league and J league as well with my teammate. Come, let's support the team together and in your numbers to cheer the team in every game we play. 
Also, to become a good coach for my next career.